Trade Secrets: A Donovan Chronicles Novel.

Image of Trade Secrets Cover in a tablet reader with cigarette featured in front, standing straight up in a pile of ash.

Have you ever had a secret that wasn’t yours to tell?

For Nate Donovan, telling the truth was a matter of life and death. With a cybernetic chip monitoring every word he spoke and the government on the hunt for the kind of clients he protected, Nate has never put a name to his profession. Instead, he has lived his entire life with a lie on his lips. It was a strategy that served him well.

Yet the secret to his success was his refusal to get involved in his client’s lives. 

When a handsome and troubled young man arrives on his stoop, Nate knows better than to ask any questions. The kind of clients that came to him were always desperate and discretion was key. Still, the stranger at the door was running from something. Within minutes it becomes clear that he is willing to risk a fate worse than death to escape from a life others would kill to achieve. 

In order to give his client a fresh start, Nate can’t know anything else about his past. Even the smallest personal detail could wind up getting them both killed. Cooper Hall is hiding more than just a gun in his pocket, though, and by the time Nate realizes his mistake, it’s already too late. 

One errant comment is all it takes to drag them both into a web of conspiracies spanning decades. As the truth unravels around them and Nate breaks every rule of his trade to keep Cooper alive, he finds his resolve to keep his client at arm’s length unraveling as well. And with it, every chance they have to make it out of this alive.