An Introduction – Hello!

I write this while sitting in my parked car, waiting for the air conditioner to have any effect at all on the sweltering heat.


The summer has been long, and today seems even longer. This isn’t the strangest place I’ve been struck by inspiration, but it is one of the least comfortable. However, telling you about the Author and I, about how we come together and the places where we diverge, is more important than the ebrake digging into my thigh or the sweat sticking my shirt to the small of my back.


The first thing you must understand is that The Author and I are the same person.


While sometimes the real world and the world of writing conflict we both want what she’s written to succeed. I’m the one who’s going to spend all my time on the marketing side of things, telling everyone about what she’s written and explaining why she sometimes doesn’t have content up in time.

All my life I’ve been a fan of others. I have stacks of books and lists of shows a mile long that I could talk about for hours and hours and never get bored. I’ve read, and written, so much fanfiction I feel like I’m drowning in it. I’ve admired so many talented artists that have the ability to depict a character, an emotion, or a pivotal moment with a single picture.

This experience, as a fan of so many others and an obsessive binge consumer of so much incredible content, gives me the confidence to say that The Author has earned her right to publication and to a fanbase of her own. You might even say that I’m The Author’s #1 fan.

I might be her first fan, but I certainly won’t be her last.


The Author has published dozens of flash fiction, short stories, and articles through her site and through her Patreon. She is currently preparing her debut novel Trade Secrets, a tech-noir conspiracy thriller starring a bisexual male detective who is determined to keep his work and personal lives separate. (Like that’s ever going to work out for him.)

Leading up to the release date for Trade Secrets she is also writing 4 novellas that loosely connect to the main story through a background of social unrest and the loose threads of difficult lives that are still affecting the world 150 years later.

If you’ve found it difficult to reach me on social media it is likely due to a fugue state The Author calls The Creative Coma. This state allows her to stop being a person and start being a machine that churns out even more incredible content. You’re best bet is to keep bugging me until either The Author and I respond or you decide you never want to speak to anyone ever again.

If you want to know more about The Author and I:


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Most importantly; let’s talk!


NOTE: The Author is a strong believer in Permanent Semantic Shifts, and that fear of a word will only increase the negative connotations of that word.

This means there will be some swearing and graphic concepts in her writing.

You have been warned.


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