Bianca Gamble

Romance Author Bianca Gamble is debuting her new series, A Year Of Romance. AYOR is a series of twelve books that Ms. Gamble will release over a twelve-month period, starting December 2020.

The first novel Big Lesbian Vibes, is the Chrismas Romance you’ve all been waiting for. Big Lesbian Vibes involves, you guessed it, LESBIANS. Actually one lesbian and one bisexual, who happen to bump into each other at Airport security and then KEEP bumping into each other after that.

Begin your journey through A Year Of Romance by joining them on theirs, and then each month you can look forward to a new romance involving familiar characters in the same world, continued themes of found family, and unbearable amounts of mutual pining.

This series is for the avid reader, the fanfic fanatic, and the romantic at heart. This series is NOT for bah humbugs or anti-lgbtqia. Only read this series if you’re craving positive representation, healthy relationship development, and the kinds of endings that make your heart all melty and your cheeks hurt from grinning.

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, click on this totally awesome link that will take you to our facebook group, where Bianca Gamble is going to post ridiculous amounts of memes, share live videos talking about the series, and where you can share your favorite romance novels, fanfic/art, and cheesy tropes that you love reading.

A Year Of Romance is your next guilty pleasure series, and you don’t want to miss it!

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