2020 T.D.C Roadmap

Trade Secrets on Kindle

2020. So many jokes, so little time.

Let’s skip all of them and jump into what this series is going to look like by 2021, yeah?

As a review, Trade Secrets came out on March 30th, 2019. It feels like it’s been a decade since then.

Right now, Whisper Code is on Pre-Order. If you haven’t gotten your copy I’m telling you right now that you need to go do that. Go. This book will answer so many questions you had about the end of Trade Secrets. Then it will give you SO MANY MORE QUESTION that don’t get answered until Liar’s Accord.

Luckily, Liar’s Accord will be released on June 1st, 2020.

That’s right! Two books in one year.

Actually, the aim is to get six books out this year. It’s tough, but I think we can do it.

Publishing Calendar:

Whisper Code – Feb 1st

Lying Low – April 15th

Liar’s Accord – June 1st

The Veritas Lullaby – July 30th

The Paris Problem – Sept 1st

The Shadow Sect – Nov 15th

Unnamed 6th novel – Dec 30th

Lying Low and The Veritas Lullaby will be short stories, both of which are written and both of which I will be offering this newsletter group at the steeply discounted price of free for the first few weeks they are published.

Stay tuned!


I mention in my newsletter that Trade Secrets was once a 10k short story. I wrote it with a fervor several years ago and then let my sister read it. She demanded more, and so the 69k novel was born.

Then she demanded an explanation for the ending and I knew I had to write another book.

In November 2019 I spent some time with a few brilliant writers at a publishing convention and they inspired me to realize that there was more to the story than the three books I had planned. Now, we’re going for 10 books and however many short stories I can come up with in between.

This isn’t just a story about a shady government and the frustrations of having to bite your tongue around people who have more power than you.

It’s a story about trust, loss, and finding a family you can count on even in a world where you know you can’t count on anything.

It’s a series that’s meant to be discussed, analyzed, turned into fanfiction fodder, and bring people together over the subjects we all struggle with. Hiding who we are, fighting against a world where fighting seems futile, and trading corrupt secrets for painful truths.

If you’ve gotten this far, then this book is one you really want to read, and I really want you to read it. Head over to Amazon or your favorite book seller, grab your copy, and start reading today!

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