CAHprompts: Today on Maury: Help, My Son Is _____!

“So let me get this straight.” The host said as he stared at the woman sitting across from him. “You’re telling me that you let your son go through with the program?”
“I didn’t let him!” The woman cried out. She had a ball of tissue in her hands, which sat in her lap. Her dress was rumbled. She stared him in the eye. “Maury, I didn’t have a choice.”
“Well,” Maury replied. He looked right at the camera. “Folks, you might think this is a joke, but I’ve seen him myself. This boy had gone through a rollercoaster of surgeries and the results will shock you. Up next on Maury: Help, My son is one of the women in yogurt commercials, with the voice of Morgan Freeman. You are not going to want to miss this!”

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