Liar’s Accord:

Following the events in Trade Secrets, Liar’s Accord is told from the point of view of Marcelle Dubois. As a French police officer, Marcelle’s job has been easy thus far. There has been very little crime in her area and even fewer mysteries to solve. However, when two foreign run-aways arrive with a story regarding the capture and deportation of their fearless leader Marcelle is swept into a whirlwind of lies, deceit, and an international conspiracy that could destroy the fragile truce between the nations of the world.

Nobody’s Voyage:

Hatch Gallo is a nobody. She lives in a bunker her mother left her when she died, hiding from the light of the fourth moon as it burns away all life on her planet. Hunger is an expectation these days and scamming the locals into buying relics from the past is the only thing keeping her alive. However, no one’s buying anymore, and Hatch is shifting from hunger to starvation.

When a Mage Ship arrives with rations to trade for the fuel energy of Ataran’s third moon, Hatch’s entire world changes. Suddenly capable of the kind of magic that only those who are MageMarked can accomplish, Hatch makes a desperate bid to improve her impoverished life. Stowing away on the Mage Ship, Hatch only has to stay hidden long enough to reach the next planet and start her life over.

However, all magic comes with a price and the price for Hatch might be too high.