The Chemical Wars: Second Nature

Coming soon in e-book format is my debut novel; Second Nature.

      Sebastian Hall knows how it feels when Katya Sascha awakens. He can feel her pain, and the pain of anyone else around him. As much as he wants to help, the damage has already been done. Determined to save their own people, he and Katya have both enacted terrible betrayals to keep each other from their goals. Now though, their goal is the same.
      There are rumors of Chemists hiding within the rebel city of Brai-zu. There is a series of letters that reveal Princess Avalon is preparing to attack the city. Putting aside the building animosity between them will be no small feat. The lies that have brought them together may be all it takes to unravel the tentative chance they have at keeping both their people from extinction.
      Distrust comes second nature for both of them, but working together is the only way either will survive this encounter unscathed.

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